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What would these statesmen do to BP?

The morning sunrise greets "Statesmanship" just fifty miles from the Gulf of Mexico where none exists. Sculptor David Adickes placed the busts of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin along the downtown Houston corridor of Interstates 10 and 45. I'd like to think they would be mad as hell (Sam Houston confronted a congressman beating him with a hickory cane. In the 1830's he visited Washington to expose the frauds practiced upon the Cherokees by government agents). BP owes it to these guys to start telling the truth and pay the billions to clean up the mess. It sickens my heart to even think about it.


That's Life (as a Rolling Stone)


The Rolling Stones' Tour of the Americas '75 was the Stones first tour with new guitarist Ronnie Wood, far left. Musician Billy Preston, 2nd from left, joined Mick Jagger and Keith Richards onstage as the tour officially began on 3 June 1975 at the Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. Billy Preston, born in Houston, ascended from the gospel circuit to a career playing with many other musicians including both the Stones and the Beatles, where he was referred to as a "Fifth Beatle". Woody signed this print when photographer F. Carter Smith caught up with the boys after a 1981 Astrodome performance, in the Hyatt Regency first floor men's bathroom. Wood inscribed his name followed by "Trousers must be worn" referring to his cowboy chaps. Smith first met him on the island of Ibiza as he vacationed during his stint with Small Faces in 1972.


Allen Stanford Asks The Judge to Let Him Out

R. Allen Stanford, former chief executive of Stanford Financial Group arrives for court Wednesday 5/26, the right side of his face still partially paralyzed from a prison fight with his cellmate six months earlier. The accused Texas financier faces a in January 2011 trial date on charges he ran a $7 billion Ponzi scheme. He now wants to represent himself and to do that, needs to be released from federal prison on house arrest so he can work with a bevy of attorneys, some of whom he wasn't sure were still on his case. Lloyds of London has been paying legal fees of $2 mil per month for all the defendants. Photo © 2010 F. Carter Smith


I've Seen All Good People

Steve Howe of Yes plays "The Clap" at Hoffheinz Pavillion - 1973


A Tale of Two Governors

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin came to Texas to stump for Texas Governor Rick Perry's re-election campaign. Interesting how she chose to support a man for the job rather than his opponent in the primary U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Some pundits suggest this could be the GOP's presidential ticket in 2012. If so, she had better learn that the fine people from Red Rock don't call Texas home. Twice she mentioned the Colorado natural amphitheater when she probably meant to praise the Austin suburb, Round Rock. She read it from her notes instead of her hand.